September 14th, 2020 by Adhi Widjajanto

This was sucks, really, having this awesome notebook but can’t use the fancy fingerprint login. Months searching finally stuck on this post. Apparently it has to be done physically by re-seating the ribbon wires.

How: Shutdown the notebook. Open 10 tiny star screws, remember, 3 screws are longer than others are mounted near the hinges. Open the back cover, just pull it using your nails begin at front side, then lift and slide to release the back hook. Open 4 battery screws, and lift it a bit. Release fingerprint sensor ribbon wire and re-attach it. Put all back together. Turn on the notebook. Enter Device Manager. Delete Synaptic WBDI and uninstall the driver. Scan for hardware changes. If Synapric WBDI is up and run without any warning or error marks, then you’re up and go. Go to fingerprint settings and you know what to do.

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