Say NO MORE! to: ‘Untuk Kalangan Sendiri’

Early December 2000, I got an idea to develop a web site for my church. That
time, my friend Arman said yes to support me for the contents. Good for me,
because I don’t have any official links to workers in my church and I want this
site will be officially used.

In development time, this question occurred, should we create a password to
enter the site? I said we don’t have to. It will limit the surfers on the web.
I don’t want it happened. It should be opened widely for everyone to read and
interact with it.

I remember one email I’ve sent to another Indonesian Christian site who protect
their site with member registration. They answer it’s used to limit the browsers
for internal use only and avoid unwanted actions from others that don’t like
the contents. We’re still living in a sensitive society, they said. In short,
they put the words ‘Hanya untuk kalangan sendiri’ in front of their site.

Well, surely I don’t agree with them. My opinion was strengthened with a sermon
about how close can you be with God. The preacher told us about Moses, Daniel,
and Joseph who’s became a master in their skills. They did that because they
have met, personally, with their master, the God Him self. He continued with
examples: when Moslems claims about Ajinomoto, when Balinese warns vehicle business
not to name their products with Rama or Brahma (or others similar), why Christian
never shout to the world that Close Up commercial on TV despise the wedding
ceremony which it should be a God sacred time to unite two person become one.
Why no Christian claim and publish their faith that nothing will happened on
January 15th!

He close the sermon with a call, for everyone in that room whose heart was
touched by the Holy Spirit, closer to The Master to become a master. Even I
didn’t stand up, I feel His touch and said amen for every words. It’s time we
say no to ‘Untuk Kalangan Sendiri’!!!

January 14th, 2001 by