Are you strong enough?

This is not my own experience, but I’ll tell you anyway.

That day he went shopping, using motor cycle. After finished, when he back
to his motor, he was approached by someone that he never met before. Somehow
they did talk, and at the end the stranger asked him for money. That I can’t
believe, my friend gave all money in his wallet to the stranger, including his
wedding ring too!!! When the stranger ask for his cellphone, suddenly my friend
awake and say no. The stranger was gone, dissapeared. He went home to his wife
and told her everything. Thank God she’s understand.

My first thought that my friend was summoned by that stranger using evil spirit
to take control his mind. That kind of story are familiar in my neighborhood,
especially in Jakarta here. But I can’t believe this could be happened to my
own friend! That experience makes me think. As Christ followers who have good
strength and believe that we can defeat evil’s work, can we experience the same
thing? Please let me know.

Last notes:

  • I’ve reminded that we ask God to cover us with Jesus blood every morning
    we pray.
  • Don’t let your mind empty. It’s like opening the door widely to anything
    who wants to enter.
  • Please don’t forget to pray for your friends, your family, everyone close
    to you.
March 14th, 2001 by