How To Recover Deleted POI in Garmin 205W

I accidentally deleted all my favorites in my garmin Nuvi 205w. Disastrous off course, regarding my data loss recently. But hey, I’ve got a new toy called Photorec! Why I don’t give it a try!
Then I plug in the Garmin to my notebook via USB, mounted (I use Ubuntu Natty x64) run Photorec, find the disk with no partition detected (funny cause it’s detected as FAT at Disk Utility), and run disk scanning. Found hundreds of recovered files, mostly TXT and XML. The TXT files doesn’t seems to be a real text files, can’t open it using text editor. But I got better luck with the XML! I successfully open the largest one with text editor and it’s a regular XML file! And there’s POI data inside it along with tracks too! But I don’t know what’s the original filename, and how to restore it back to my Garmin, but it’s a start tho.
After googling, I found that in map system there’s a XML based file for transfering map data through various types and devices. Starting from that, I edit the XML file to match my GMX sample taken from Navigasi.Net, save itu to GMX, load it with Garmin MapSource and push it back to 205w. Done! My favorites are all back!

November 22nd, 2011 by