DIY: Honda BR-V Quad Projector

Finally I’ve managed to install 3 inch Bosch E46 OEM bi-xenon projector to Honda BR-V headlight. The original housing only support 2.5 inch so I need to made some adjustments. But it fits nicely.

The original projectors are single-halogen, so I thought it will be perfect for daylight hi beam by rotate the fittment by 180 degree so the beam pattern will go up instead of down. Need to cut and bend the original shrouds so it can fit into BR-V slim reflector.

Well, my latest headlight settings are follow:

  • 3 inch projector Bosch E46 bi-xenon Fresnel lens
  • 4300K D2S HID bulb Osram Silverstar Xenarc
  • 35W ballast Hyluxtek
  • LED dual mode (DRL & Sign) angel eye
  • 180 degree rotated projector OEM BR-V (H11 mount)
  • 55W H11 base¬†bulb Philips
  • Leveling motor

11 thoughts on “DIY: Honda BR-V Quad Projector”

  1. Gan ane tau ini blog dr kaskus brv hehe.

    Gan ada diy ganti lampu pelat belakang ga, housing bulb yg sebelah kiri yg ada rear cam cara bukanya gmn sih takut patah.

    Makasih gan adhi.

    1. Om Arif, ada di buku manual, saya lupa, yang jelas bukan H4. Low beam kalau ga salah pakai HB3 sementara high beam pakai H11, foglamp pakai H8. Cek di buku manual, rasanya saya salah, tapi yang jelas bukan H4.

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