DIY: Mirror Auto Retract @ Door Lock for Honda BR-V

I can’t use my previous autoretract schematic because BR-V has it’s own alarm system and I can’t find the remote lock signal. I need to build a new schematic. First, make a delayed relay, using NPN transistor and some other components. Herewith the complete schema:

The module:

Lucky, all required wires are available under door’s arm rest.

Top left: door actuator socket. You must open door trim to reach this socket. Door lock = pink is positive and yellow is negative (door unlock = pink is negative and yellow is positive, but we’ll ignore this current by placing diode).
Top center: mirror switch socket. Cut yellow and grey wire and connect it to the module.
Top right: driver main switches socket. Accu = large grey wire, ignition = large red wire, ground = large black wire.
Bottom: I put the module in the back corner of the armrest, and cover it with foam to avoid rattles.

March 19th, 2016 by