DIY: DVB T2 @ Honda BR-V


How To:


  • Xtreamer DVB T2 Bien 2
  • DVB T2 antenna 30 dBi
  • AV RCA cable
  • USB cable
  • USB charger


  • Open the Xtreamer
  • Convert 220v AC input to 5v DC using USB cable (photo, top left). I got the info from here.
  • Plug off the 220v cable (photo, top right)
  • Extend the IR sensor using cables, as needed (photo, bottom)
  • Plug in USB cable to USB charger to provide power
  • Plug in Xtreamer RCA Out to head unit AV In
  • Plug in DVB T2 antenna, place it outside the car

AV In:

  • For DDX515BT (BR-V E-CVT) there’s two AV-In behind the head unit. Please see the user manual.
  • For Panasonic (BR-V Prestige) there’s one AV-In at the front of the head unit, below USB and HDMI port.


July 29th, 2016 by